Optical networking

Optical networking is a means of communication that uses signals encoded onto light to transmit information among various nodes of a telecommunications network. They operate from the limited range of a local-area network (LAN) or over a wide-area network (WAN), which can cross metropolitan and regional areas all the way to national, international and transoceanic distances. It is a form of optical communication that relies on optical amplifiers, lasers or LEDs and wave division multiplexing (WDM) to transmit large quantities of data, generally across fiber-optic cables. Because it is capable of achieving extremely high bandwidth, it is an enabling technology for today’s Internet and the communication networks that transmit the vast majority of all human and machine-to-machine information.

  • Convergence fixed-mobile networks
  • Migration from fixed to flexi-grid
  • Rapidly reconfigurable networks
  • Software defined optical networks and Open Flow
  • Wavelength routing and assignment
  • Next-generation GMPLS, ASON, Photonic MPLS, OpenFlow
  • Optoelectronic label switching networks
  • IP-over-optical architectures

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